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Dolphin watching and research Algarve Dolphins


Dolphin watching algarve 

Discover Dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean
"Our intelligent friends, the dolphins, exemplify many qualities we admire; cooperation, harmony, peace, joyfulness, good health, beauty, wisdom, supple movement, grace and unconditional love."

Algarve Dolphins seafaris now invites you to a spectacular tour in the magical world of the dolphins.
Our fully trained captains and marine biologists using new, specially designed RIBS's speed across the ocean in search of adventure.
They know just where to look for dolphins and by maintaining radio contact with colleagues out at sea the chance of locating the dolphin pods becomes a probability.

Fortunately these beautiful and curious creatures are glad to help us find them and seem to like the company of our boats. They often reward us with and exciting welcome - You will be amazed!

Caring for the ocean.
Algarve Dolphins is the only seafaris company working in Algarve waters supporting the research and protection of dolphins and other marine life. Highly qualified marine biologists travel with us to study the dolphins in their natural habitat. As our guides they will be more than willing to answer all your questions.

Our fleet.
Algarve Dolphins travel with hypermodern Rigid Inflatable Boats.
These boats are fast, safe and comfortable and our custom build fleet fully complies with the highest international security laws. Algarve Dolphins hold all necessary Portuguese and European licenses. Dolphin seafaris watching trips departing hourly from Marina de Lagos.

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