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Nowadays dolphins are chased with cameras. Over the past few years a new form of encounter has been developing between dolphins and humans.
' Dolphin Watching' The observation of marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Responsible regulated dolphin seafaris watching in Algarve waters is an important goal of Algarve Dolphins.

The dolphin watching trips allow people to gain insight into modern dolphin research and the problems need to be solved. Dolphin watching is, if done properly, a convincing alternative to the display of captive animals and can play an important role in peoples environmental awareness.

Algarve Dolphins is the only company working in Algarve waters supporting the research and protection of dolphins and other sealife. Highly qualified marine biologists travel with us on every trip to study dolphins in their natural habitat and are willing to answer all your questions.

All the information gathered on the trips is entered into a database which gives environmental and research projects a better knowledge of dolphin migration and behaviour.


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